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Managing Stress

With everything you do, how do you keep stress levels in check?

Cat's Answer
Practicing yoga really helps me to maintain my stress levels but I love what I do everyday and I think that is a big part of maintaining happiness.


You wore some pretty high heels at the christening of Riviera. What is your standard footwear: in the kitchen/on the Bravo Show, with your kids, & what is your preferred/ favorite footwear?

Cat's Answer
Being on the show was such a fantastic experience and getting to wear some great designers was an added bonus!  I always enjoy getting dressed up with a good pair of heels or wedges but in the kitchen and at home, I go for comfort and style with a great pair of Uggs.


You call your cookbook “Classics with a Twist.” Would this apply to your fashion style as well? Is there a clothing version of comfort food? And how do you keep fitting into your clothes as someone who eats for a living?

Cat's Answer
Yes, I definitely try to incorporated nice classic pieces in with different accessories to keep my look modern. I do love my black Ralph Lauren pants paired with a great tee, especially when I’m traveling. I think that working out is key to maintaining a healthy look and my wife, boys and I live a very active lifestyle. To stay in shape, I enjoy running on the beach or practicing yoga.


Are yellow grits the same as yellow cornmeal?

Cat's Answer
Grits are actually made out of ground hominy and are bigger in size grain vs. grain, whereas cornmeal is yellow corn that has been milled to a finer consistency. Grits are traditionally prepared for breakfast, and cornmeal is used more in baking or in making polenta.

Please Come to Philadelphia!

Would please consider Philadelphia, PA as a location for at least one of your locations. Chefs Morimoto, Garces and Flay are three of your fellow "Iron Chefs" that have found success here. We are waiting for you and Chefs Batali, Symons and Forgione to join us. We are true lovers of great food here in Philly. I am a true fan of "Iron Chef America" and the Food Network.

Cat's Answer
Thank you so much for writing and for watching me on "Iron Chef America." I really appreciate it. I am expanding and opening up several restaurant locations this year across the country, so be on the lookout for a Cat Cora restaurant concept (fingers crossed) in your area soon!

Favorite Broccoli Dish?

A while back I watched you talking about one of the best things you had eaten. It was a broccoli dish that was served in a hotel that you were staying at. I remember it being very simple with garlic and peppers and I tried to make something like it. It was very good but know I don't remember exactly how you described it or how I made it. I wish I had written it down. It was one of those recipes that seemed too simple to be so good - I've never had anything like it. Would you mind describing it again?

Cat's Answer
The dish is the sautéed broccoli at Olives at the W Hotel in Union Square, NYC. The broccoli is sautéed until crispy with loads of fresh sliced garlic, then tossed together with some peppers and lemon zest. The result is a crunchy, garlicky, spicy delicious broccoli side dish… I’ve tried to replicate it at home as well, but it never comes out the same as they do it at Olives… Keeps me coming back to NYC just to order it!

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