Cat Cora's Kitchen



Cat has translated her exceptional culinary skills into several high profile
restaurants including Kouzzina at Disneyworld, CCQ in Costa Mesa, California, and Cat Cora's Kitchen at Houston, Salt Lake City and San Francisco Airports.

In Greece, the Kouzzina is the Kitchen - and now you can savor Cat's time-honored Mediterranean family recipes and personal favorites as her casual family restaurant on Disney's Boardwalk comes alive through the sights, sounds, and aromas of its fabulous open kitchen.

Discover these creative and flavorful dishes, cooked to order in the Kouzzina's wood-burning grill and oak-fired ovens.


Cat's newest restaurants, cocktail and tapas lounges called Cat Cora's Kitchen, are now open in San Francisco's Terminal 2, Terminal E at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and in Salt Lake City airport. Cat Cora's Kitchen is a sophisticated culinary experience that focuses on using fresh and organic ingredients within its selection of innovative tapas and truly groundbreaking cocktails. The restaurants have a strong emphasis on using locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible, especially fresh local seafood within the raw bars. When local ingredients are unavailable, the best organic, natural or artisan quality ingredients are used. The restaurants open for breakfast at 5 am.

Cat Cora's Kitchen is also green and environmentally friendly. All to-go products, from plates to boxes, will be eco-friendly and utensils and napkins are made of bio-degradable materials.

Cat Cora's Gourmet Market in Salt Lake City's airport features healthy take-out food such as salads and sandwiches as well as Cat Cora's Kitchen favorites like hummus and tapenades.

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